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Six stories behind Gitcoin Grant

Gitcoin Grant is implemented as quadratic funding, but the concept originated in a paper by E. Glen Weyl (author of Radical Markets) and Vitalik, Zo Hitzig, Liberal Radicalism: A Flexible Design For Philanthropic Matching Funds. This paper is emphasize on individuals allocating votes to express the degree of their preferences, rather than just the direction of their preferences.

September 9, 2022
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Why we built Mest?

There are Etherescan, Dune, Nansen etc. why would we need a new Mest? The mind of Mest is to discover a way to narrate on-chain data. We believe tools shape narrative and narrative shape us.

August 20, 2022

About Mest

An open, transparent, permission-less database, We believe that blockchain deserves a better way to be seen and understood.

July 30, 2022