Awesome Ethereum Wallets

Mest Team


Sep 04, 2023

Awesome Ethereum Wallets
🌟 An awesome & curated list of ethereum Wallets, contributed by the Mest community. Access by invitation only:

Market Maker

Amber Group - Market makers for $ARB.

B2C2 - Top Japanese cryptocurrency market makers.

DWF Labs - Market makers for $CYBER, $ID, $SNX, etc.

GSR Market - Market makers for $ARKM.

Jump Trading - Market makers for $SEI, $SOL, $LUNA, $TEL, etc.

Wintermute - Market makers for $WLD, $APE, $BLUR, $ARKM, etc.

Worldcoin Market Maker - Worldcoin's five market makers own a total of 100M $WLD.


Crypto Founders

Founders - Founders of crypto projects like Coinbase, Nansen, Zerion, etc.

Founders of DeFi Project - Founders of DeFi projects like Aave, Curve, Synthetix, etc.

Founders of CEX - Founders of CEX like Kraken, Huobi, Coinbase, etc.

Founders of GameFi Project - Founders of GameFi projects like PartyDAO and PlanetGameFi.

Founders of NFT Project - Founders of NFT projects like Opensea, Dom, POAP, etc.

Michael Egorov - Founder of Curve's public address.

Other Influencer

Debank Top Wallets - Top 10 in Debank Web3 Social Ranking, considering net worth and TVF.

DegenScore Top Wallets - Top 10 Beacon Holders by Degenscore.

Dune Top Wizards - Most favorited wizard on Dune (Dashboard/Query creator).

Gitcoin Top Donors - Top 10 donors by donation amount on Gitcoin.

Influencer - Blockchain whales, project founders, veteran traders, and so on.

Top ETH ICO participants - Participants of the 2015 ETH ICO, sorted by ETH balance.

Smart Money

Autonolas Top Gainer - Early adopters of Autonolas ($OLAS) who've reaped gains of 10x. Top Accounts - Ethereum addresses of top accounts, sorted by share price from high to low.

Smart Holders of $UNIBOT - 90% of $UNIBOT TOP10 saw a 100x jump.

Smart Holder - Low-Buy-High-Sell Wallet Collection.

Top Airdrop Hunters - Addresses that received over $3 million in airdrops.

TOP Arkham Airdrop Wallet - TOP Arkham Airdrop Wallet.


Top 10 Meme Hunters - Addresses that achieved 10x gains or more from tokens like $PEPE, $LADYS, $SHIB, $MONG.

Top Gainer of PEPE - Early participants of $PEPE who profited.

Ventures Capital

a16z - A renowned VC, having invested in big names like Uniswap and MakerDao.

Blockchain Capital - One of the first venture capital firms specifically investing in the blockchain field.

BlockTower Capital - A cryptocurrency hedge fund based in Stanford, California.

Brevan Howard Digital - A leading global alternative investment management platform.

Dragonfly - A cross-border crypto venture fund.

DeFiance Capital - Focuses on investments in the decentralized finance (DeFi) field.

Delphi Digital - A research-driven firm.

Fenbushi Capital - The first and most active blockchain-focused venture capital firm in Asia.

Genesis Trading - One of the largest OTC trading, lending, and custody platforms.

Galaxy Digital - Founder Michael Novogratz has deep ties with the founder of Goldman Sachs Group.

Hashkey Capital - A digital asset and blockchain leader.

Paradigm - Got their hands in projects like Blur, Gitcoin, Optimistic, Starkware, and Argent.

Pantera Capital - The first U.S. institutional asset manager focused exclusively on blockchain technology.

Robot Ventures - A (pre-)seed investor in fintech / crypto companies.

Spartan Group - A leading player in the M&A and fundraising space.

Spark Digital Capital - A token fund as well as blockchain solution company.

Youbi Captial - A venture capital firm dedicated to long-term investments.


Binance - The world's largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume.

Bitfinex - A HK cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2012. - A Singapore cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2017.

Deribit - One of the world's earliest cryptocurrency derivatives exchanges, and currently the largest platform for Bitcoin options trading.

Huobi - One of the world's renowned cryptocurrency exchange, currently led by CEO Justin Sun.

Kucoin - A cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2017.

OKX - One of the world's renowned cryptocurrency exchange, founded by Xu Mingxing in 2017.


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