Why we built Mest?

Mest Team


Jun 15, 2023

Bookkeeping as a lifestyle.

Bookkeeping is a captivating activity that documents a business's financial ups and downs, revealing how people live. Beyond the balance sheet, these transactions reflect an individual's lifestyle and value system.

Over the past decade, blockchain has emerged as a groundbreaking innovation in bookkeeping. However, there is a lack of standardization and semantics, and we still attempt to convey information using traditional methods, such as charts and tables.

We possess invaluable data, but we struggle to articulate it.

That's why we founded Mest. We believe that the blockchain requires simple, modern ways to present information, making every anonymous address readable and shareable.

How do we achieve?

Natural Language

GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces) are designed to bridge the gap between humans and machines when natural language falls short. However, with the advent of Large Language Models, natural language has become viable once more, and we call it LUI (Language User Interfaces), a simple, natural way of interacting.

We envision a conversation in which you can discover, explore, and become aware of your wallet using the most familiar language - making the experience truly seamless.

One Canvas

There is an abundance of fantastic tools that generate all on-chain data for you, but none of them are personalized, just as we wouldn't want to cram our entire life experiences into a resume. Thus, we need a flexible, user-friendly way to share valuable, intriguing records at our discretion.

We dream of a canvas where you can freely choose words, images, and components to express your activities on the blockchain, and share your collections and transactions.

This was our primary inspiration behind Mest: to explore a new method of narrating blockchain. We believe that tools shape narratives, and narratives shape us.