What is Mest?

Written on October 31, 2022

A search bar and one wallet profile set are Mest.

Mest is a simple wallet analytics tool that focuses on wallet profiles for better trading decisions by exploring what is in and what has been done with your wallet.

Wallet profile

What Mest for?

Mest is focused on wallet profiles from

  • Track your portfolio‘s PnL
  • Trait-level analytics
  • Find better trading decisions
Save time
Trading Decision

How to try Mest?

Before Mest is released, we will launch our alpha version of Head First Wallet , which was created by Mest and imToken (a crypto wallet, trusted by millions)

Now, it’s time to try and give us feedback.

Head First Wallet

What makes Mest special?

Before we deep dive into Mest, there are two concepts: Widget and Story.

  • Widget is the smallest component unit;
  • Story is a rich and engaging layout;


Like iOS widgets, widgets are full-featured and independent.

The widget-centred design highlights the composability of widgets to match the needs of various users' requirements, simulating the experience of playing with Legos. Widgets is more than just a dataset; it also improve the user experience with a number of integrations and add-ons.



More stories emerge as more widgets are produced.

Rather than complex numbers or charts, we believe stories are the most effective carriers for humans. So, we chose story as our wallet analytics design form, bringing users back to an intuitive and accessible experience.


Simple wallet profile, unlimited possibilities

We may do less, but we think more about how to make Mest a reality by connecting it, by making it everywhere. Future versions of Mest will be easier to connect to Web3-friendly platforms like Wallets, Browsers, Twitter, Discord, and others, letting you to explicitly control every bit of the Web3 data torrent.