What are Mest Seed NFTs?

Written on October 31, 2022

Mest Seed - Every innovation begins with a seed.

We always trust NFTs are more than just aesthetics; they also should be useful and functional to win the community's long-term attention and support. The Mest Seed is a Mest community achievement badge NFT that ties Mest and users that grow up together.

Mest Seed

Mest Seed NFTs, as our community's incentive, will only be limited edition. Each series will have a unique theme and metaphor from our story. The first Mest Seed NFT from the cover of the Head First Wallet story was built by imToken(a crypto wallet trusted by millions) and Mest.

The historiated initial inspired our first NFT design. The letter "W" stands for a wallet, and the element of a coin from Jay Chou's 米兰小铁匠 that refers to the centesimo, the currency of the Lombardo-Venetian Kingdom.

Mest Seed#0

Features of Mest Seed

  • Limited time, limited quantity
  • Whitelist claim
  • Access to paid features
  • Join the private Discord channels

How do I get a Mest Seed?