Explore Channel

Mest Team

Aug 07, 2023

Explore Channel

Explore Channel

Mest has been adding wallet list functions like "create," "share," and "collet." But there's been a missing link - finding valuable wallet lists. The "Explore" channel solves this.

Now, simply publicize your wallet list to display it in the Explore channel.

Customized Metrics

Different wallet lists require unique views, meaning data must be highly customizable.

The current version supports only Ethereum, but upcoming updates will include support for Layer2 such as zkSync and Starknet.


  • Enhance transaction history update speed
  • Refine Wallet List page with author info, tags, follow counts
  • Optimize for logged-in users to skip repeated landing page steps
  • Fix UI issues in the dark mode of the Explore channel
  • Adjust menu text to display list names when possible fully